Why, hello there!

Hey hi hello! I'm Lindsay from Shreveport, LA, and you've found my blog! Welcome! Please excuse the temporary emptiness, as I've just wiped the content and started from scratch. :)

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#Slowtember and shortish-term plans

I cannot believe it’s September. This awful year is bizarre in so many ways, but at least it’s moving quickly. I’m trying to be optimistic about next year, but I’m having a hard time. ANYWAY, I was scrolling through Twitter a...

The blog! It’s back!

Yeah, so…I’m back. It’s been a while! So much of a while that I decided to make an entirely fresh start. You might remember the years-long book blog, though I think I stopped around 2015 or 2016? Since then, I haven’t blogged...

Ohwaitiforgot Shop Opening!

It's gonna happen!October 1, 2020
Let's do this!