Let’s all think about this for a minute:

This was certainly the case today with our favorite puppy, who decided she did NOT like Santa. At least the one at PetSmart, who didn’t seem to like her, especially, but who was remarkably patient as she tried to climb all over him to get away from him. At home, we call that game Pointy Feet – though she’s usually not desperate to claw herself away from us, I hope – but there, it was more like Crazy Dog and Crazy Dog Parents #156 Today. Poor guy. I hope they paid them well, though I imagine they didn’t.

It was a struggle! But, thanks to my good camera, not entirely unsuccessful. On PetSmart’s end, it was entirely unsuccessful: there was a poor young girl with an iPad trying to get a picture so she could add a snowy branded overlay, and Penny wouldn’t stay still for long enough for her to get a picture! Luckily, Palmer and I pulled out our camera and started snapping away. At the very least, I’m amused by the outcome. In the best picture of Penny (well, almost every picture of Penny), Santa appears to be sending us some kind of death stare. Penny kept trying to squiggle away! I don’t even know how Palmer got her up onto that bench, but I’ll call that a huge achievement for the day.

Here’s last year’s much calmer (and tinier!) Santa photo from Your Pet Butler in Bossier:


I really need to see if I can get a better scan of that. Penny had her picture taken at Pet Butler again this year, but I don’t think it involves Santa, and it won’t be ready to pick up until Wednesday. But soon enough!