Month: September 2017

Tomorrow is Puppy Day!

And I can’t wait, so I figured it might be nice to have a little retrospective post about Penny when she was little. We got her when she had just turned 8 weeks old. Lucy is 7 weeks, so she’ll probably be a little smaller. Here’s the First Ever Photo I took of Penny:


When we went to the breeder’s house, there were only two puppies left, and I sat down on the floor and chose the one who came toward us first. Those are Palmer’s feet, and there’s Penny.


Here’s the first picture once we got her home. It was getting late and Palmer and I were exhausted. Penny, I’m sure, was confused, and the cats were already pissed off. This was a few days after Thanksgiving, 2015.

She settled right in, partially thanks to the kitties.




Here’s her first trip to Petco:



And her first time in the back yard. She seemed a little bit concerned.


And her little red sweater! (Which she grew out of within a couple days.)


And her first nail trim at Petsmart, followed by her cute little fleece (which she also grew out of within a few days) and total exhaustion:



Awwwwwlz! Here she is sitting with her friend Mr. Alligator. (Lucy will also be receiving her very own Mr. Alligator tomorrow!)


Here’s the first time she met my grandmother:


Okay, I’ll stop now, after one more, one of my favorites, of Penny and Mr. Pig.


How can you not squee over every puppy picture ever! Well, there’ll be a whole new round starting tomorrow. And if you like puppy pictures, make the most of it because it’ll be a loooooooooooong time before we get another one – our menagerie is complete!

I *think* we’re ready. Our bedroom is now filled with kennel.


Of course I’m back on Facebook. In other news…

In my defense, I lasted a week without it, which I consider a feat. And yes, that’s a puppy. Her name is Lucy, and we’re picking her up from the breeder on Saturday. I’m so excited I can’t stand it, of course.

Further, I changed the blog theme yet again. I think I’m happy with this one? Maybe? I know I need to write posts more than anything. Hopefully I’ll be better about that.

And, finally, I’m attempting to learn how to paint. This watercolor is, quite possibly, my favorite:

I really like this one, but I’m just getting started – and this one came from a Skillshare tutorial, anyway. I haven’t painted much on my own yet. There’s time! Well, there’s time until Saturday afternoon when we pick up Lucy and after a few months when she becomes sensible. I’m so used to Penny (mostly) behaving that a puppy will be a shock. Here’s a video of Penny mostly (okay, not) behaving:

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