Yeah, I’m back on watercolors today. I needed a break from blue-land, so I figured I’d try a sunset. It’s another tutorial, this time from The Frugal Crafter. I could finish it tonight, but I’m so tired I can barely see straight, and I’m pretty sure I could sleep for a year.

I’m definitely feeling better about this one than about my last watercolor effort, so that’s something. On there so far are cadmium yellow, quinacridone red, and a mixture of that red and ultramarine blue. It’s not totally dry yet, so it’ll get a bit lighter.

I also picked up the rose I talked about yesterday. I’m about 90% sure quincridone rose and permanent rose are the same pigment, and Michael’s didn’t have quicridone, so permanent it is. It’s a little pinker than that quinacridone red. I also got some brown madder, which is also a quinacridone, which I’ll probably try tomorrow.

Can I go to bed now?