See that obnoxious blue line around the water. Yeah. Lame.

But that’s okay. After yesterday’s success, I can take a failure. Anyway, it was another tutorial. If the line had been much more subtle, it would have been fine. The rest of it is fine. As a matter of fact, I like it. If this were acrylics, I could fix it, but I can’t fix watercolor.

Watercolor is still my favorite. It takes more skill than acrylics because it’s so much easier to mess up. That said, I’ve messed up an acrylic before.

This is another Frugal Crafter tutorial, by the way. She’s the easiest to follow along watercolorist I’ve found so far on YouTube.

And in Puppy Time, it’s a little hard to see because they’re under the coffee table, but that’s some serious cuddlin!