I’ve found my new favorite! This is definitely the most colorful and the least realistic watercolor I’ve done, and it’s also the first I’d frame (in fact, I think I might!). It reminds me of 1960s and ’70s illustrations.

All I did today was brighten the cloud colors, water down that shadow line, and add the trees.

It’s based on this tutorial by Angela Fehr on YouTube, but mine is totally different, and I like it more. Palmer likes the tutorial, and that’s entirely okay with me. I wanted the bright ridiculous sun in the middle of a rainbow instead of a more realistic rainstorm. Why? Because I CAN.

Which means I’ll probably be pulling out the bright colors more often. Now that I’ve found a style I like, I’ll try to branch off into my own stuff or just loosely base paintings on tutorials. God knows I have All the Photos Ever for reference (and I’m going to South Dakota in early January, so there’ll be more!).

This is the first time I’ve really felt excited about a painting.