Sooooo turns out I shouldn’t have been so skeptical. This watercolor turned out beautifully. My only issue is what to me looks like too much busyness near the bottom left. Even with that, though, I think it’s good enough to frame. Here it is in all its glory:

It’s from a tutorial by Ekaterina Smirnova, one of my favorite watercolor instructors on YouTube (and the reason I joined Skillshare). I’m soooo happy with this painting, especially since I was so skeptical at the beginning.

In Things I Want To Paint News (there are lots), here’s the sun hitting a tree (elm?) from the far side as I see it every morning. I’m determined to do this justice sometime in the near future:

A fun note: I subscribed to Foot Cardigan a few months ago. This month, I got pizza socks! I’m pretty sure that’s a thing I Totally Needed. Last month, it was an eye chart. $12 well spent.

And, finally, in all-important Puppy News, potty training is coming along surprisingly well. We’ve only had one accident in the house today, and that was when I was in the shower. I should note that I’m Helicopter Mummy, but still, she’s learning to paw at the baby gate toward the back yard, so we’re making serious progress. She also only wakes me up once per night, around 2am, for a potty break. Lucy is a pretty excellent puppy.