And I even have a new favorite! This one was really a challenge because of the trees, the super-narrow power lines, and the birds. I’m least happy with the trees, but I’ve definitely made progress! I followed a speed painting by artbybee7, an amazing artist on YouTube. I thought it was way past my skill level, but I think I handled it pretty well. There is definite room for improvement, though. I really like the bright sky color and contrast with the deep purple (which probably looks black in the photo) of the trees and power lines.

Here’s the whole thing:

The lines aren’t perfect, but they’re a HUGE improvement over where I started. The trees are better, too, though those need major improvement. I was convinced I ruined the whole painting with the sky, as the lighting angles aren’t realistic at all, but I think it all works reasonably well together in the end.

No idea what I’ll start tomorrow.

For now, here’s a gif I made of Apple’s live version of the photo I posted yesterday. That extra disk space needs to make itself useful!