Here’s another one way above my level, though I didn’t do as well as I did with the power lines. I’m trying to learn to paint good detailed clouds because there’s a photo I took in Grand Isle a couple of years ago that I really want to paint. This one could be worse, so that’s something. It’s 5×7 on Arches, and it’s based on this YouTube demonstration by Maria Raczynska. She actually knows what she’s doing (I’m pretty sure she’s an actual professional watercolorist), so of course hers is amazing. But this is probably the best cloud I’ve painted. And look at the white spatter! It’s not terrible! It’s also my first attempt at using gouache, which is pretty much opaque watercolor.

This one is as done as it’s going to be. Here’s the whole thing:

The main issue is the paint colors I used. The demonstration was with a warm purple and the yellow shade of phthalo blue, neither of which I have, so I used a cool purple and the green shade of phthalo blue. That, and  I mine is a bit overworked compared to hers and too dark. But I learned some things!

In other news, I learned a new skill today. You see, I have a peanut butter issue. I like the freshly ground stuff that’s only peanuts from the grinders at Kroger and Whole Foods. I refuse to buy it at Whole Foods because they want SEVEN DOLLARS for a pound of peanut butter. That’s entirely ridiculous, so I always get it at Kroger for a more reasonable $3 a pound. Except Kroger’s grinder is currently broken. My solution was simple: I bought a pound of peanuts from Whole Foods (for $3.50!), dumped them in my food processor, and made my own damned peanut butter. It took roughly three minutes.

I guess it’s like the time Whole Foods didn’t have my favorite kind of bread in stock, so I made my own. Except this doesn’t take three hours. That’ll show ’em!

In Puppy News, Penny and Lucy posed this morning, and Lucy made her first stuffed dog toy kill. Poor Mr. Snek. She heartlessly pulled out his squeaker and squeaked it in triumph until I extracted it from her mighty jaws before she could try to swallow it (which, at this point, she couldn’t do if she tried). Good times.