So here you go. I’ve spent most of the day feeling EXHAUSTED and generally terrible, so I just did this. Cooking and eating a super tasty dinner made me feel better about things and is probably why I rallied enough to produce something today. There will be a lovely flock of birds once the background dries, which means tomorrow. I see now that the little hill would have been a good excuse to pull out the ink. I don’t have a black on my palette, so it’s mainly Payne’s gray with a little sap green and cad yellow in it. Plain ol’ black ink would have been just as good if not better. So it goes. There’s also white gouache up in there, which is kind of exciting. I’m following a tutorial by Maria Raczynska, the same artist who designed my last painting. I really love her stuff, but most of it is too complicated. This one is advertised as for beginners, so I figured I could handle it, but hers is AMAZING. If you’re into art and videos, you should probably subscribe to her channel. Here’s the whole painting as it stands:

Because I was so tired of all my paintings looking yellow in photos, I arranged myself a new work area, *ahem* borrowing one of Palmer’s photo lights and sticking it into an IKEA floor lamp to shine on my work. So far, it seems to make a huge difference in painting and in the pictures I take of said painting.

In other news, there was a big storm early this morning that involved lots of wind (which I somehow slept through) and a huge tree limb fell down into our yard and the neighbor’s. Luckily, it didn’t do any damage (this time), so I retrieved the limb so Palmer can cut it up for firewood next weekend. I’m not sure that’ll be necessary, though, because the Stick Patrol was workin’ hard today.