I finished the painting I started yesterday, not that it involved much. I wasn’t happy with the Payne’s gray hill, so I painted it over with black ink, which I like better. I also used ink for the birds, which I don’t like much at all, though I guess they’ll do. I need to practice. Last night I went back over it with more indigo, which I don’t think helped much. I also spattered a wee bit of white gouache around the top with zero runs.

In dog-ish news, sometimes a little plastic bag of poop sits on the corner of our little landing until another one justifies a trip to the trashcan in the front yard. Me. Lizard, here, has discovered its use in acquiring a particularly tasty buggy lunch.

And, finally, I made my semi-annual trip to the endo today, which always results in a pile of Rotolo’s pizza with friends. Things could be worse.