There’s a lot to come with this one. That’s a basic sketch and some raw umber. Hopefully I’ll be able to get in the tree’s streakiness. Here’s the photo it’s based on:

This is one of my few attempts sans tutorial, so we’ll see how it turns out. As luck would have it, I happened to receive the perfect color for that little purple mushroom near the bottom today (it’s Daniel Smith’s cobalt blue), so maybe that will help.

Along with the new paint, I got a butcher tray, which seems to be one of the more sought-after watercolor tools. It’s an 11″ by 15″ porcelain tray that I got on Super Sale from Jerry’s Artarama. I soooo didn’t realize how big it is before I bought it. It kind of dwarfs my workspace.

That’s really big for the small portable table I’m using.

In Puppy News, Penny harvested a sweet potato from a neglected supermarket purchase Palmer and I planted last year. She was pretty proud of herself. I saw another one down there, so I’ll pull it and any others up and make jerky out of all of the smallest, which I’ll replant. Fun times with gardening!