Here it is so far. I added a first green wash and some bark and initial darkening on the tree. The purple on that tiny mushroom is just the first wash. It’s a weird color: Daniel Smith’s cobalt violet. That’s about as dark as you can get it, which is strange. It’s also exactly the way it was depicted on the Jerry’s Artarama sales page. I was sure it would have to be darker, though. Nope. There’ll be more paint on that one. Also the rest of the whole painting. The yellow bits, if you can see them at the bottom, are masking fluid that will eventually be leaves and sticks after I put down a wash in all that white space. The leaves and sticks are a lot lighter than the soil, so I wanted to preserve the paper for grays and lighter browns. Here’s the whole painting so far:

There is, of course, still plenty of time to ruin it.

In Puppy News, Lucy apparently shares Penny’s love of gardening:

She does not, however, share Penny’s love of baths. She had her first non-emergency (read: non-poop-related) bath today, and she whined and tried to scramble out of the tub the whole time. Sigh. She’s clean, though! For now.