Because that’s all I’m doing today. I decided on Monday that I NEED a break, so just as Palmer comes home from Dallas, I’m going up to Hot Springs to spend the weekend sans dogs. Yes, I love my dogs, and yes, I know what I signed up for, but DAMN I’m tired. Palmer is tired of traveling and doesn’t want to hike around the national park with me, so he’d rather stay home, which I understand. I’m looking forward to leisurely foods and a long leisurely hike in the COLD on Saturday. I’m taking my good camera and my watercolors. It’ll be lovely.

Anyway, that photo is the palette I’m taking with me. Paints on the list are cadmium red, alizirin crimson, quinacridone red, permanent rose, Indian yellow, cadmium yellow, gamboge, lemon yellow, sap green, viridian, phthalo green, phthalo blue (my favorite!), cerulean (I want a better one for obvious reasons), French ultramarine, prussian blue, winsor violet, yellow ochre, burnt sienna (I want a better one of that, too), burnt umber, raw umber, sepia, and Payne’s gray. 24 colors allows me not to have to make too many choices. This palette should definitely be sufficient for a weekend.

In Puppy News, Lucy had her first treat from Lucy’s Barkery today. She was pretty excited. Puppies have to have treats on Halloween!

In other news, I discovered a second cult meeting on my basil plant today. It appears the juvenile cult members (orange, on the left) have now grown up and are conducting their own meetings.

And, finally, here’s a pretty flower that’s currently blooming on our front hedges. I might or might not paint it eventually.