It’s Ink-no, wait-Artober!

You’ve probably heard of Inktober, the annual Nanowrimo of the art world. Well, they have a specific rule (you know, using ink) that I don’t like, so I’m making my own damn tober. My goal is to make an art…

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The Dog

Tomorrow is Puppy Day!

And I can’t wait, so I figured it might be nice to have a little retrospective post about Penny when she was little. We got her when she had just turned 8 weeks old. Lucy is 7 weeks, so she’ll…

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Special, The Dog

Goodbye, Facebook! For now…

I’ve just deactivated my Facebook profile, so what do I do to ease the withdrawal? Read about Facebook withdrawal. There’s a really interesting article from LiveScience that explains that while Facebook triggers pleasure in the brain similar to that of…

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