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Artober 4 Progress Report!

Yeah, it’s only the 4th, and I’ve already reevaluated my life decisions. Trying to create a complete painting of any sort every day is tiring to the point of torturous, especially since I have an 8-week old puppy to keep track of. So instead, I’m letting myself take a few days to finish a painting and posting my progress here. That, and as I thought I would do yesterday, I retreated back to Acrylic Tutorial Land, and those always take longer than watercolor. Possibly the main reason that’s the case (at least for me) is that acrylics are so forgiving – if I don’t like something, I can paint right over it. I rework and rework and rework, and it usually turns out acceptably. A watercolor would be plain ol’ rurnt.

Anyway, here’s my Day 4 effort. I painted the background yesterday and did a little editing and added the trees today. Tomorrow will be more trees. I probably won’t finish then, but I might. If you’re wondering what it will (hopefully) look like at the end, check out this tutorial by Angela Anderson on YouTube.

In other artsy news, I got my Portable Painter today! I can’t wait to take it outside and paint! Except I have to choose what colors to put in it first. I’ll post an update when I do.

Oh! And here’s a video of puppies rasslin’:

And playing keep-away with Penny’s current favorite stick:

Artober 3. You win some, you lose some.

Yeeeeah, as you can see, today, I lost. Spattering is my mortal arts enemy. This isn’t my first run-in with it:


Okay, this one’s acrylic and maybe isn’t entirely ruined, but those are some stringy snowflakes. According to a very friendly Facebook group, I should have lain it flat (I put it on an easel outside) and watered down my paint a bit more. So it goes. (Btw this painting comes from an Art Sherpa tutorial. I’m pretty sure I’ve evangelized about her before. She’s definitely my favorite YouTube art teacher!)

But this one. This one is a plain ol’ FAIL. I got the idea from a couple Pinterest pins that made it look way easier than it would be. And yes, I know that’s how Pinterest functions. I’ve decided that it’s okay that the painting sucks and learned never to try spattering again (okay, not for a very, very long time). I also used too much water on the ground, but that was because I was super frustrated by that point and wanted to be done.

So why am I sharing this crappy painting, you ask? Because I said I’d post every day, and I am SO DONE for today. My water bucket is empty, and it’s staying that way. I think I might retreat to acrylics tomorrow.

(Btw I’m taking all of these painting photos on my front porch because my library light is really yellow:)


In other, more disturbing news, this GINORMOUS wolf spider spent the day hanging out right by the door I use to get into work:


It’s Artober 2! And I even used ink!

I actually like this one! AND alllll that black is ink! This is the first time I’ve ever used ink, and I like it. I used Dr. Ph Martin’s Bombay India Ink undiluted, and it was smooth. I’ll probably use it again soon, though I am so not committing to actual Inktober. I didn’t even look at the prompt, anyway (It’s “divided.” I could probably use my English degree for an excellent explanation on how this painting fits into that theme, but meh.).

I started with a YouTube tutorial but ended up doing it a good bit differently. I like mine better!

Palmer is obeying the actual rules, and here’s his. He’s so good at illustration.

We’ll see what I’ll come up with tomorrow!

It’s Ink-no, wait-Artober!

You’ve probably heard of Inktober, the annual Nanowrimo of the art world. Well, they have a specific rule (you know, using ink) that I don’t like, so I’m making my own damn tober. My goal is to make an art every day through the whole month. I’m not limiting myself to medium, and I’m not using a bound journal, so I’ll just call this a loose interpretation. I do what I want.

You might also know that I’ve been learning to paint. As someone with only one drawing class ten years ago under her belt, I have no idea what I’m doing. I started with YouTube tutorials, specifically with The Art Sherpa, who paints with acrylics, and The Frugal Crafter, who uses watercolors. I’ve amassed a collection of art and art supplies, and I’ve even painted several watercolors without using tutorials.

I am soooooo not saying I’m any good at it, and that’s okay with me. Or at least I’m trying to make it okay with me. It’s about the process, right? Well, that featured photo is my #Artober attempt for today. I’ll try to post a new one every day, and hopefully I’ll get a little better by the end of the month. My favorite part of this one is the grass – I’m actually pretty proud of that part – and my least favorite is the background trees. It would have worked better with trees that went over the top and trees painted over them with gouache. It also would have been better if I would have not added the orange at the end. Meh. But! I learned how to dry-brush in grass, and that’s something!

Here’s a painting a I like a lot more, though in my head it doesn’t count as much because it’s from a YouTube tutorial on how to paint trees. I definitely didn’t follow these directions when I painted those birches, but hopefully someday soon I’ll see the results of all these tutorials in my original paintings. Or I’ll just give up and paint a bunch of tutorials and nothing else. There sure are enough of them around the internet.

And oh, yes, there are puppy pictures. Those are coming, but they need their own post, and I could barely scrape together time to paint that landscape and write this post.

Oh! And Palmer, who is actually Good at art, is participating in the real Inktober! Check out his drawings on Twitter!

We’ll see if I can keep this up. I have no idea what I’ll be painting, and I have to go back to work tomorrow!

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