2015 Book #6: Still Life with Woodpecker

I should have stopped reading Still Life with Woodpecker at the first mention of the “half-shellfish half-peach that occupied the warm, watery bowl of [Princess Leigh-Cheri’s] lower regions.” This is a (mostly) family-friendly blog, so I’ll let you come to your own conclusions about exactly what that means. My conclusion? YUCK. Anyway. Still Life with Woodpecker has […]

2015 Book #4: The Rithmatist

Here’s another book I chose almost solely based on its immediate availability on OverDrive. I’d just finished listening to 10% Happier (and was somewhere around half-through The Stand), and I was in the middle of a massive scanning project at work, which required some sort of audio entertainment since scanning is so monotonous. The Rithmatist‘s blurb looked interesting […]