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Simple Sunday gouache painting

5×5 gouache based on this speed painting by Watercolor with David.

What I learned: Using a chalk pencil on top of gouache to sketch is a terrible idea, as there’s no good way to get it off. It should be fine on acryla gouache, but that’s not what I was using. Also: the birds really are too big.

I’m putting this blog on hiatus.

Yep. After several years of posts and five of almost weekly posts, I’m stopping for a while. It’s not fun anymore. I’m tired of having to come up with something to say about every book I read to make sure I hit the fifty reviews per year. What I enjoyed doing at first feels like a job. I guess it doesn’t help that most of the people who read this blog are either students wanting to cheat on a paper or friends who talk to me about the posts rather than commenting. That, and I have very little interest in other people’s book blogs, so I don’t participate. Hence, no participation on my blog.

Really, I’m just bored. At some point, I’ll probably come to my senses and start writing here again.

SO if you want to know what I’m reading, the sidebar will update or you can click over to Goodreads. I might post a short review if there’s something I want to say. There’s also my sparsely updated main Tumblr account and the more often updated Minecraft page, as I’ve turned into an incorrigible addict. Of course, there’s InstagramTwitter, and Facebook. I’m still pretty much everywhere.

See y’all on the flip side.

Friday Things: 1/9/15

Okay, okay. I’m not very good at posting things Every Single Friday. I blame Christmas, the New Year, and general laziness. And not spending much time on the internet because I was playing stupid computer games.

But here we are, a little over a week into 2015, and Things have finally settled down. Here’s my list, which includes some links from the past two weeks:


Please excuse the bit of construction mess that’s about to happen around here. I have to update the lists and various other new year-related stuff, so I’m going to try to update the template while I’m at it since Elegant Themes continues to withhold Extra.


Friday Things: 12/12/2014

Here’s something new. In my efforts at blog-subject expansion, I’m going to attempt a weekly feature called Friday Things. I could be alliterative and call it the Friday Five, but I have more than five things to show you, and I’m sure I’ll have more or fewer in the future.

All of these Things didn’t appear this week. I just found them this week, and I figure that some people I know might enjoy them, too. Here’s what I found on my adventures around The Internet, in bullet form:

You’re welcome.

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