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Artober 15: Can you feel the skepticism?

Oh so much skepticism. This is a work-in-progress from another YouTube tutorial, but I have roughly zero confidence that I’m going to like it once it’s done. There’s lots of details to add, though, so we’ll see. I’m not ready to toss it yet.

Since the featured image gets cropped, here it is in all its glory:

In Puppy News, I took Lucy to meet my grandmother in Minden today.

Lucy kissed Nunpoo, Nunpoo kissed Lucy. A good time was had by all. My uncle David pulled up as we were leaving, so he got to meet her too. Hopefully she’ll remember him next time she sees him – Penny is terrified of him.

Meanwhile, Palmer took Penny to Petsmart for a toy and to the dog park for the first time since well before we got Lucy. She had a good time and returned home for what might possibly have been the most thorough bath she’s ever gotten before Lucy and I got home. We’ll resume her usual daycare schedule this week. I’m sure she’ll enjoy spending some time with adult dogs every week.

Artober 14: Snowy sunrise and Arches!

It’s winter somewhere, right? It definitely isn’t in Louisiana, but it looks like we’ll get Fall tomorrow. That’s something.

This one’s from an Angela Fehr tutorial on YouTube. I’m really interested in learning to paint snow because I have a trip to South Dakota planned for early January (YAY!). I’ll be taking my watercolors up there, and I’d like to try my hand at some plein air in the cold – or at least through the windows at my dad’s house on the side of a mountain. In the middle of a national forest. Yep. It’s been too long since I’ve made it up there.

And this Arches business? It’s only one of the best watercolor papers you can buy. It’s also crazy expensive.  Michaels, though, came through with a 60% off coupon, and I finally got a pack of this paper. The texture is different than the Canson I usually use, and it’s just better. The only issue is that it lifts terribly, which is bad when you’re painting a lifty painting (as in you want to paint a big part of the paper, then dab up parts of it with a paper towel, leaving near-white). This, of course, is a lifty painting: I attempted to lift the trees from the background, but it left lots of color. Good to know. Otherwise, I love this paper.

In Puppy News, we’ve started potty training Lucy in earnest.  The puppy pads are gone. Palmer put up a bell by the baby gate to the kitchen that, in theory, she should ring when she needs to go out. We’ve been setting Alexa timers for every 30 minutes to remind us to take her out. The problem is that she can, but doesn’t really need to, pee every five minutes if she’s playing, which means that we’re still cleaning up a lot of pee. Hopefully she’ll realize pretty quickly that she needs to hold it for a few minutes. I know she can because she can go a whole night in her kennel without peeing. That’s a lot longer than five minutes.

Since Fall is apparently coming tomorrow, Penny and I celebrated with some Hose Time in the back yard while Lucy napped inside.

Bring on the cooler weather! PLEASE!


Artober 13: Finished sans fail!

Yay! It’s done! And it’s reasonable. I can’t hold a candle to the magnificent sky in the demonstration, but I’ll call mine Not Too Shabby – especially with those tiny power lines.

In Puppy News, we had an adventure yesterday. Lucy got her mouth around about half a bowl of big dog food before Palmer got it away from her. She didn’t eat all of her breakfast (which is super weird for her). I didn’t realize she’d had so much until I came home from work to a puppy with a belly the size of a basketball! She would’ve ended up at the vet if she hadn’t almost immediately started…evacuating it…when I got home. Yurk! She’s fine and her tummy is back to normal today.

In even more interesting Puppy News, Penny and Lucy had a pretty epic Friday Rasslin’ Battle:

Artober 12: Meh Realism Meh (in progress)

I’m trying to replicate this AMAAAAZING watercolor sky demonstration and failing. I’m not calling it a complete fail (there’s time!), but there’s no way I’m going to get the result I want. That’s mainly because the guy painting in the video is a professional and I’ve painted on roughly 15 bits of paper.

In Puppy News, Lucy apparently ate at least half a bowl of Penny’s Blue Wilderness Big Dog Food. It expands in liquid, so her stomach got all distended. She’s still emptying its contents (gross!), but it’s back to normal size. No permanent harm was done. We’ll have to be extra sure Penny’s food is up before Lucy gets near it in the mornings. Yay, puppy!

Artober 11: So many colors!

I’ve found my new favorite! This is definitely the most colorful and the least realistic watercolor I’ve done, and it’s also the first I’d frame (in fact, I think I might!). It reminds me of 1960s and ’70s illustrations.

All I did today was brighten the cloud colors, water down that shadow line, and add the trees.

It’s based on this tutorial by Angela Fehr on YouTube, but mine is totally different, and I like it more. Palmer likes the tutorial, and that’s entirely okay with me. I wanted the bright ridiculous sun in the middle of a rainbow instead of a more realistic rainstorm. Why? Because I CAN.

Which means I’ll probably be pulling out the bright colors more often. Now that I’ve found a style I like, I’ll try to branch off into my own stuff or just loosely base paintings on tutorials. God knows I have All the Photos Ever for reference (and I’m going to South Dakota in early January, so there’ll be more!).

This is the first time I’ve really felt excited about a painting.

Artober 10: Ooh! Aah!

I better not mess this one up. I painted as much as I could without a thorough drying session, and I’ll plan on finishing tomorrow. I love the bright colors! The heavy line is a tree shadow, so hopefully it’ll fit in better by the time I finish. But those clouds! This is shaping up to be my favorite painting yet.

In Puppy News, Lucy finally figured out how to get down the back stairs by herself!

Artober 9: Palmer likes it?

…And I’m entirely unimpressed. The trees are too dense. This is from another YouTube tutorial, which called for what looked like a flat bristle brush (used for acrylics), which I used. The result doesn’t look much like the tutorial. Meh.

I’m not calling it a fail because there’s no one big fail. It’s just…meh.

And anyway, I’m tired. The annual All-Day-Work-Meeting Marathon, known as Staff Development Day, had me at the Bossier Civic Center well into the afternoon. I had a surprisingly good time (I always do), but I’m tired.


I also had to stow Penny at daycare and Lucy with the vet (at 9 weeks, she’s too young for daycare), so there was lots of driving around town involved.

Artober 8: Rurnt with a line

See that obnoxious blue line around the water. Yeah. Lame.

But that’s okay. After yesterday’s success, I can take a failure. Anyway, it was another tutorial. If the line had been much more subtle, it would have been fine. The rest of it is fine. As a matter of fact, I like it. If this were acrylics, I could fix it, but I can’t fix watercolor.

Watercolor is still my favorite. It takes more skill than acrylics because it’s so much easier to mess up. That said, I’ve messed up an acrylic before.

This is another Frugal Crafter tutorial, by the way. She’s the easiest to follow along watercolorist I’ve found so far on YouTube.

And in Puppy Time, it’s a little hard to see because they’re under the coffee table, but that’s some serious cuddlin!


Artober 7: I finished something!

So the lighthouse is done. I’m not entirely happy with it, but it definitely qualifies as good enough. In case you didn’t see my progress post, it’s from this tutorial video by The Frugal Crafter on YouTube. I’m just plain ol’ not confident enough to paint something on my own right now, and that’s okay. I’ll get there.

If nothing else, my mom likes this painting. I gave it to her and she framed it and put it up in her living room. Then, of course, she sent me a picture:


I don’t know what I’ll be up to next. I want to finish that acrylic, but even though my amazing husband (who is participating in the actual Inktober) had a puppy slumber party last night, I’m still EXHAUSTED. One thing I would like to do is revisit this WordPress theme choice. The super ultra large images bother me, though I know they’re the current trend. I’ll have a look around and probably just keep this one because me.


Artober 6 Progress Report!

Yeah, I’m back on watercolors today. I needed a break from blue-land, so I figured I’d try a sunset. It’s another tutorial, this time from The Frugal Crafter. I could finish it tonight, but I’m so tired I can barely see straight, and I’m pretty sure I could sleep for a year.

I’m definitely feeling better about this one than about my last watercolor effort, so that’s something. On there so far are cadmium yellow, quinacridone red, and a mixture of that red and ultramarine blue. It’s not totally dry yet, so it’ll get a bit lighter.

I also picked up the rose I talked about yesterday. I’m about 90% sure quincridone rose and permanent rose are the same pigment, and Michael’s didn’t have quicridone, so permanent it is. It’s a little pinker than that quinacridone red. I also got some brown madder, which is also a quinacridone, which I’ll probably try tomorrow.

Can I go to bed now?

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