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Artober 5: Progress and Palette!

Yep, I just added more trees. I’m soooo slow at painting that it took me an hour. Okay, I did it and redid it (especially that misty bit at the bottom, which¬†still needs work). Arts are hard! I’m really happy with this one so far.

I also filled my Portable Painter palette. Well, almost, because I have to get quinacridone rose tomorrow. I hope I can find it locally.


Here’s the breakdown:

First row: lemon yellow, cadmium yellow, cadmium red, [quinacridone rose], alizirin crimson, ultramarine blue

Second row: phthalo blue (my favorite color!), phthalo green, permanent sap green, yellow ochre, raw umber, payne’s gray

I’m waiting for them to dry. Hopefully I’ll be able to try them tomorrow after I get the rose. I have a purple I like (dioxyzine), but The Internet says that I need a rose instead because it’s more versatile. I figure I can always change it later. See? Progress!

In Puppy News, Penny taught Lucy how to climb the stairs to the porch, but she didn’t teach her how to get down. Lucy likes to climb them but then whines to be carried down. Sigh.


Artober 4 Progress Report!

Yeah, it’s only the 4th, and I’ve already reevaluated my life decisions. Trying to create a complete painting of any sort every day is tiring to the point of torturous, especially since I have an 8-week old puppy to keep track of. So instead, I’m letting myself take a few days to finish a painting and posting my progress here. That, and as I thought I would do yesterday, I retreated back to Acrylic Tutorial Land, and those always take longer than watercolor. Possibly the main reason that’s the case (at least for me) is that acrylics are so forgiving – if I don’t like something, I can paint right over it. I rework and rework and rework, and it usually turns out acceptably. A watercolor would be plain ol’ rurnt.

Anyway, here’s my Day 4 effort. I painted the background yesterday and did a little editing and added the trees today. Tomorrow will be more trees. I probably won’t finish then, but I might. If you’re wondering what it will (hopefully) look like at the end, check out this tutorial by Angela Anderson on YouTube.

In other artsy news, I got my Portable Painter today! I can’t wait to take it outside and paint! Except I have to choose what colors to put in it first. I’ll post an update when I do.

Oh! And here’s a video of puppies rasslin’:

And playing keep-away with Penny’s current favorite stick:

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