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Artober 14: Snowy sunrise and Arches!

It’s winter somewhere, right? It definitely isn’t in Louisiana, but it looks like we’ll get Fall tomorrow. That’s something.

This one’s from an Angela Fehr tutorial on YouTube. I’m really interested in learning to paint snow because I have a trip to South Dakota planned for early January (YAY!). I’ll be taking my watercolors up there, and I’d like to try my hand at some plein air in the cold – or at least through the windows at my dad’s house on the side of a mountain. In the middle of a national forest. Yep. It’s been too long since I’ve made it up there.

And this Arches business? It’s only one of the best watercolor papers you can buy. It’s also crazy expensive.  Michaels, though, came through with a 60% off coupon, and I finally got a pack of this paper. The texture is different than the Canson I usually use, and it’s just better. The only issue is that it lifts terribly, which is bad when you’re painting a lifty painting (as in you want to paint a big part of the paper, then dab up parts of it with a paper towel, leaving near-white). This, of course, is a lifty painting: I attempted to lift the trees from the background, but it left lots of color. Good to know. Otherwise, I love this paper.

In Puppy News, we’ve started potty training Lucy in earnest.  The puppy pads are gone. Palmer put up a bell by the baby gate to the kitchen that, in theory, she should ring when she needs to go out. We’ve been setting Alexa timers for every 30 minutes to remind us to take her out. The problem is that she can, but doesn’t really need to, pee every five minutes if she’s playing, which means that we’re still cleaning up a lot of pee. Hopefully she’ll realize pretty quickly that she needs to hold it for a few minutes. I know she can because she can go a whole night in her kennel without peeing. That’s a lot longer than five minutes.

Since Fall is apparently coming tomorrow, Penny and I celebrated with some Hose Time in the back yard while Lucy napped inside.

Bring on the cooler weather! PLEASE!


Artober 13: Finished sans fail!

Yay! It’s done! And it’s reasonable. I can’t hold a candle to the magnificent sky in the demonstration, but I’ll call mine Not Too Shabby – especially with those tiny power lines.

In Puppy News, we had an adventure yesterday. Lucy got her mouth around about half a bowl of big dog food before Palmer got it away from her. She didn’t eat all of her breakfast (which is super weird for her). I didn’t realize she’d had so much until I came home from work to a puppy with a belly the size of a basketball! She would’ve ended up at the vet if she hadn’t almost immediately started…evacuating it…when I got home. Yurk! She’s fine and her tummy is back to normal today.

In even more interesting Puppy News, Penny and Lucy had a pretty epic Friday Rasslin’ Battle:

Tomorrow is Puppy Day!

And I can’t wait, so I figured it might be nice to have a little retrospective post about Penny when she was little. We got her when she had just turned 8 weeks old. Lucy is 7 weeks, so she’ll probably be a little smaller. Here’s the First Ever Photo I took of Penny:


When we went to the breeder’s house, there were only two puppies left, and I sat down on the floor and chose the one who came toward us first. Those are Palmer’s feet, and there’s Penny.


Here’s the first picture once we got her home. It was getting late and Palmer and I were exhausted. Penny, I’m sure, was confused, and the cats were already pissed off. This was a few days after Thanksgiving, 2015.

She settled right in, partially thanks to the kitties.




Here’s her first trip to Petco:



And her first time in the back yard. She seemed a little bit concerned.


And her little red sweater! (Which she grew out of within a couple days.)


And her first nail trim at Petsmart, followed by her cute little fleece (which she also grew out of within a few days) and total exhaustion:



Awwwwwlz! Here she is sitting with her friend Mr. Alligator. (Lucy will also be receiving her very own Mr. Alligator tomorrow!)


Here’s the first time she met my grandmother:


Okay, I’ll stop now, after one more, one of my favorites, of Penny and Mr. Pig.


How can you not squee over every puppy picture ever! Well, there’ll be a whole new round starting tomorrow. And if you like puppy pictures, make the most of it because it’ll be a loooooooooooong time before we get another one – our menagerie is complete!

I *think* we’re ready. Our bedroom is now filled with kennel.


Of course I’m back on Facebook. In other news…

In my defense, I lasted a week without it, which I consider a feat. And yes, that’s a puppy. Her name is Lucy, and we’re picking her up from the breeder on Saturday. I’m so excited I can’t stand it, of course.

Further, I changed the blog theme yet again. I think I’m happy with this one? Maybe? I know I need to write posts more than anything. Hopefully I’ll be better about that.

And, finally, I’m attempting to learn how to paint. This watercolor is, quite possibly, my favorite:

I really like this one, but I’m just getting started – and this one came from a Skillshare tutorial, anyway. I haven’t painted much on my own yet. There’s time! Well, there’s time until Saturday afternoon when we pick up Lucy and after a few months when she becomes sensible. I’m so used to Penny (mostly) behaving that a puppy will be a shock. Here’s a video of Penny mostly (okay, not) behaving:

Goodbye, Facebook! For now…

I’ve just deactivated my Facebook profile, so what do I do to ease the withdrawal? Read about Facebook withdrawal. There’s a really interesting article from LiveScience that explains that while Facebook triggers pleasure in the brain similar to that of cocaine or other drugs, it doesn’t quiet the part of the prefrontal cortex responsible for inhibitions.

Which means that Facebook is addictive but that we can probably quit it pretty easily.

We’ll see about that. A friend deactivated her profile a couple of weeks ago because she’s super busy, and she talked about the withdrawal, though she didn’t seem to have a terrible time keeping herself away from the site. Her experience made me consider how much time I spend scrolling through post after post after post – most of them photos of dogs from around the world. There’s no justification for the amount of time I spend doing that. Facebook is an attention black hole.

I should probably note that I’m not at all trying to deny the human need for distraction. We’d all go crazy if we didn’t have something to distract us. I just want to spend my distraction hours elsewhere on something I feel is just a little bit more worthwhile. I’ll probably be in a better position once I figure out what that something is. It might end up being Twitter, though I don’t know how anyone could spend as much time on Twitter as they do on Facebook. And there lies the latter’s genius: remember when we could just scroll through a chronological news feed? We could log on and quickly see that no one had updated anything, then log off and return to our business. Now, that’s not an option: we see a mix built with an algorithm that Facebook thinks we will like and that will keep us scrolling. Endlessly.

Sure, deactivating a Facebook account isn’t at all permanent. After I’d clicked through the various “are you sure???????” screens, I was finally logged out but presented with a big button, front and center, reminding me that none of my data is lost and I can log back in whenever I want to. We’ll see how long I last.

A brief log. Since I deactivated my account about three hours ago, I’ve read some book, washed dishes, and hosted my mother for a few minutes while she petted my menagerie. I also checked Twitter and read the aforementioned Facebook-and-the-brain article. The alternative, of course, was to scroll endlessly through dog pictures. I admit: there are worst things.

When it comes down to it, though, do we really care about anything we read on Facebook, or is it manufactured idle curiosity springing from the knowledge that we can check up on anyone at any time? Do I really care that my old high school friend who lives across the country took her kids to the park today? Does anyone care that my dog played in her pool today? No. I don’t. We’ve just been conditioned to keep scrolling and scrolling and scrolling.\

But just in case you do care about what Penny did today, here’s some video evidence. At least I didn’t post it on Facebook?

Greens on the Red!

So many Spring festivals! And this isn’t even a Small Town Festival. This is Greens on the Red, which happens to be about two blocks away from my house. Palmer and I walked Penny over for a visit this year. I don’t know how we’d missed it before, but we’d never been.

Of course I didn’t take my good camera or photos of the actual festival offerings, which included some pretty impressive foodstuffs made from local greens from arugula to dandelion greens. There were at least 15 or 20 dishes to try. Most were vegan, but there was some cheese mixed in, too. Even better, our favorite Slow Food representative was there dishing up a delicious gumbo z’herbes, which I particularly enjoyed. Every table also handed out recipes. I went home with several because YUM.

We had a great time. Penny even got to eat a brussels sprout! As we headed out, we stopped to listen to the music in the Community Garden.

Greens on the Red is a lovely little festival, and it’s so nice to have something like this going on right down the street from our house – especially since Penny can come, too.

Time to put up the Christmas decorations


Yep, it’s Twelfth Night, the proper day to put away your Christmas decorations until the day after Thanksgiving this year. It’s also time to pull out the Mardi Gras decorations and eat every available piece of king cake. Shreveport’s Whole Foods, for one, is prepared. They’ve actually been prepared for a few days – I just wouldn’t let myself partake until the Proper Day, which happens to be today. Guess who’s going to Whole Foods.

Christmas this year was blissfully uneventful. You saw the beginning and Penny’s second-long tolerance of Santa. (Yes, she’ll be doing it again next year.) After that was a flurry of family-related activity that left everyone exhausted, as the holidays tend to do. At least I ate well.

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That, by the way, is arguably one of Shreveport’s greatest delicacies: the marinated crab claws at Ernest’s. Palmer’s parents took us there a couple days before Christmas. Yurrm.

Until just a few days ago, it still looked like Fall around here. I took this picture on December 22 while I was walking Penny:


The temperature was in the 70s on Christmas, so I didn’t even get to wear my ridiculous kitten sweater. Penny has taken advantage of the unseasonably warm temperatures for some surrious backyard play time, though I’m sure she’d be willing to roll around and play fetch even in below-freezing blizzard conditions.

Really, she might prefer below-freezing blizzard conditions. Hopefully we’ll find out at some point during her lifetime.

In other happy(ish) pet news, Louise appears to have figured out how to play:

I turned on my webcam when I saw her play for the first time. She was especially angry for a few days after I took her to the vet for her shots, but she seems to have calmed down again.

Aaand I just realized that I only took a couple pictures on Christmas. I have to be better at pulling out my camera. Here’s the highlight:


Last year, I got a box of Christmas crackers and forgot about them, so this year Palmer and I opened all six at once. A good time was had by all.

In other household news, we tried unsuccessfully to complete a 1000-piece puzzle. We gave up after only a couple days of kitty helping.


For New Year’s, Charlotte visited from Portland, and we had a time unlike I’ve had since I was about 25. It was an…adventure.


She also finally got to meet Penny, which made everyone happy, especially Penny.


So, now that Christmas is over, what’s next (besides a hunk of king cake)? I’ve got a few projects. There’s the 50-book goal, school’s about to start again (UGH), and I started a Massive Craft Project that I’ll blog about in the near future because I think it’s pretty neat. I’d also like to carry my good camera around everywhere and Take All the Pictures, but as only one of the photos in this post were taken by said camera, I’m not sure that’s going to happen.

Happy Mardi Gras!

Santa Claus is coming…to Penny’s nightmares!

Let’s all think about this for a minute:

This was certainly the case today with our favorite puppy, who decided she did NOT like Santa. At least the one at PetSmart, who didn’t seem to like her, especially, but who was remarkably patient as she tried to climb all over him to get away from him. At home, we call that game Pointy Feet – though she’s usually not desperate to claw herself away from us, I hope – but there, it was more like Crazy Dog and Crazy Dog Parents #156 Today. Poor guy. I hope they paid them well, though I imagine they didn’t.

It was a struggle! But, thanks to my good camera, not entirely unsuccessful. On PetSmart’s end, it was entirely unsuccessful: there was a poor young girl with an iPad trying to get a picture so she could add a snowy branded overlay, and Penny wouldn’t stay still for long enough for her to get a picture! Luckily, Palmer and I pulled out our camera and started snapping away. At the very least, I’m amused by the outcome. In the best picture of Penny (well, almost every picture of Penny), Santa appears to be sending us some kind of death stare. Penny kept trying to squiggle away! I don’t even know how Palmer got her up onto that bench, but I’ll call that a huge achievement for the day.

Here’s last year’s much calmer (and tinier!) Santa photo from Your Pet Butler in Bossier:


I really need to see if I can get a better scan of that. Penny had her picture taken at Pet Butler again this year, but I don’t think it involves Santa, and it won’t be ready to pick up until Wednesday. But soon enough!

Transformation: Complete! I think.

No, not the dog, though GAH she got big! The blog! The blog! It looks totally different now (as does the dog…), and I think it’s a better fit for Things that Probably Aren’t Books, which is my best stab at a topic for the moment. I’m really happy with this theme, and I’m kind of surprised I found one I like so quickly. I was expecting frustration and settling. Luckily, I found this one fast and only had to change a couple tiny bits and pieces. It’s Activello from colorlib, and it’s free! Which is better than the $40 a year I’ve been paying. Anyway. This is it! And thanks sooooo much to Palmer for the most excellent logo. It’s perfect!

We’ll see what happens next. It’ll be soon and probably a lot because it’s been a while. For the moment, though, look at that dog!

But wait, there’s more!

Awwww what? A post? Gah, it’s been a long time. Yes, this does mean your Very Favorite Blog is coming back, and SOON!

I just need a minute to sort things out.

So this page is gonna look silly for a few days until I get everything looking and working like I want it (note the new title font!) – or until I load up the default WordPress theme and call it a day.

It won’t be the old book blog of yore. I’m on a break now, but I’m still in Round Two of grad school, and I have a year left and not enough time or motivation to read much of anything that isn’t boring library essays. It’ll be more like the latest posts – photos of the dog in various places and such. I want to use my good camera instead of my iPhone (there’s a HUGE difference in picture quality!), so most posts will be photo-heavy. The featured photo is a good example. Dog Doing Things, Taken with Good Camera.

I’m also seriously considering starting from scratch – from this post, probably. The old posts going back to 2010, or so, would go away. They’d still be accessible, but elsewhere, like somewhere on WordPress.com or so. I’m not sure about that one.

But! I’m coming back! We’ll see what this blog turns into. There will be dogs and photos and possibly, even some Minecraft. I’m keeping the subject open to help me get excited about it again. I might fall back into a theme – maybe even books – but we’ll see.

Keep an eye out for new posts! The’ll start soon!

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