2014 Book #42: California

2014 Book #42: California

californiaBah! Thanks to all of those audiobooks, I’m way behind!

So. California. You’ve probably heard about it. Stephen Colbert loves it, so most of the liberal world does, too. It’s been all over TV and social media. And I love the cover.

It’s a post-apocalyptic-dystopian type, about Cal and Freida, a couple who have just left a dying Los Angeles to live in the wilderness of California. They find a shack and live there for a while, then meet some people who live nearby, eventually moving into their house. Not with them. We’ll get to that. As society slowly dissolved (earthquakes, storms, viruses, etc), various groups of people formed their own microsocieties. Rich people formed Communities, which are as close to what we have now as you can get in their world. Less fortunate people remained in the cities or moved on their own out into the wilderness. Some people formed terrorist organizations, like The Group, eventually led by Frida’s brother, who she is told was a suicide bomber. After Cal and Freida move to the wilderness and meet this other family, they learn of a settlement a couple of days’ walk away, and Freida is curious. The other couple warns Cal to stay away from it, but after they mysteriously die and Cal tells Freida the truth, she insists on heading there. What they find is a primitivish society run by hippies and former city-dwellers. Things Happen, and The Mystery Unfolds.

California is an okay novel. I enjoyed it well enough. I guess I gave it two stars because it’s generally mediocre, and I didn’t like the ending. I don’t understand what all the hype is about because there’s absolutely nothing special in CaliforniaBird Box is so much better. So. Much. Better. That said, California isn’t bad, though it might not be worth your time because I’m sure its star will fade quickly.

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