My first Sketchbox!
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My first Sketchbox!

I’ve wanted an art subscription box forever. In early August, I broke down and subscribed to Sketchbox (referral link) after I did some research on my options like Artsnacks and Scrawlrbox. The other options seemed less reliably good month-to-month from what I could tell.

I wanted a subscription art box not for a good deal (which it isn’t, really, though it isn’t terrible, either) but to try new mediums. This month’s box was full of water-soluble graphite – along with two regular(ish) pencils. It contained 3 Spectrum Noir Colortint pencils, a custom Sketchbox set of Derwents, a nice Zebra mechanical pencil (which I gave to Palmer because it’s a .07 and I like .05), and a Princeton size 4 filbert paintbrush. There are two tiers of boxes: basic and premium. I originally signed up for basic because moneys, but after watching some videos about them on Youtube, I switched my subscription to premium – though not early enough to avoid basic as a first box. It turned out fine because the only difference was the quality of the 3 standalone pencils: the premium box got Caran d’Ache. That’s a great brand, but I don’t know enough about water-soluble graphite to care, really.

Anyway, the first thing I did was a page of swatches, dry and then wet:

You can barely see it, but that Sage Derwent has a lovely shimmer. I was really impressed by all of them, though I couldn’t tell much of a difference between the dark and light washes at the bottom.

After the swatches, I drew my very first hydrangea with these pencils. I’d painted one with watercolors some time ago, but I really wanted to learn to draw one because these flowers are soooooo beautiful drawn. The result is outline-heavy, but I’m happy with it.

Aaaaand that’s it. I’m a huge fan of Sketchbox because now I’ve tried a medium I’d never thought about. I probably had a couple of plain water-soluble pencils somewhere around here, but I’d never used them, and I certainly hadn’t ever used tinted graphite. Since next month is Inktober, I assume the October box will involve ink, which is cool. I’m looking forward to it!

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