Streaming in the Time of Coronavirus
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Streaming in the Time of Coronavirus

Welcome to the pandemic. I hope you’re having as much of a Time as I am.

In the absence of anything to do like leave my house or go to work, I’ve been doing a lot of nothing. Okay, I’ve been playing a lot of World of Warcraft. Don’t judge.

Until this morning when I decided to stream an UNOFFICIAL (not in connection with or condoned by the library) Art Club. Luckily, I’m not altogether unexperienced at streaming, and I happen to have all of the equipment necessary, including two webcams and various tripods and mic stands, among other things. SO today I spent the day – and I mean all day – setting up. Said setup is the featured image.

I also reactivated Facebook for the sole purpose of spreading the word and asking whether anyone would watch it and where (a huge THANK YOU to those of you who commented!). I offered YouTube and Twitch, and everyone who responded chose YouTube, so that one it is. From there, I had to choose which channel to stream to (both only had a selection of short dog and cat videos to offer) and which to hide entirely to avoid confusion. I went with the Oh wait…I forgot channel (there’s nothing there yet) because it plays well with my username on every other platform.

Now I need to set up a Facebook event, notify some word-spreaders on Instagram, tweet something, and Do the Thing. I’m starting with the Matisse program I was doing this month at library branches (yes, I’m still employed by the library – it’s just closed until at least April 13th). I’ve modified it so it doesn’t require anything more than a piece of paper and a pencil, though paints or crayons would be nice, too.

I’m planning for the stream to go live either tomorrow afternoon or sometime on Friday. We’ll see. Hopefully when won’t matter much because everyone’s stuck in their houses anyway – or they (you!) should be.

Finally, here’s a recent photo of cats:

There’s more to come! (Specifically, I know I need to do something with this theme…)

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