Halloween is coming! And two-store logistics

Halloween is coming! And two-store logistics

Hello again from blogland! I’m a day late, but I’m here! I have a good bit going on right now, which is good because I’m best kept busy.

ANYWAY. It’s officially Fall! And Halloween is coming! Yesterday I posted a new mask to my Etsy shop:

Of course I had to make one for myself because SRSLY. I ran across this fabric at JoAnn’s when I wasn’t planning on buying fabric, and I couldn’t help myself. I think it’s one of my better impulse purchases.

Another shop?

Which leads me to MORE Halloween and ANOTHER shop. I’ve talked here before about opening a second shop with my good ol’ (very long-lived) Ohwaitiforgot brand, but now I’m hoping the actual opening is imminent. I’m going to try for October 1st, which is quickly approaching. Like in a week.

Here’s the plan: I want to be a purveyor of cozy goods. My main focus will be art and stickers and the like, but I also want to sell cat beds? Because I learned how to make a simple cat bed that my cats LOVE. Here’s the evidence:

I bought enough fleece to make 4 more, so that’s a plan for the near future. I’ll probably sell them for $15 or so without free shipping.

That’s another thing. I have free shipping for everything on the Just Wear a Mask Shop (really, shipping is built into the price), but I’m not planning on that for Ohwaitiforgot. I think I’m going to go with Etsy shipping calculations, which would land stickers around $1 and beds more than that. I need to order boxes to ship beds before I can sell those, though I should get mailers for stickers by the first.

There’s a lot that goes into running one Etsy store. Two will be crazy! My main goal right now is to come up with enough products to justify opening. Besides cat beds, I have two other listings pretty much ready (though I’m waiting on glossy sticker paper, too):

I love both of these sticker sets. The fall leaves turned out so well, and the Halloween sticker sheets remind me of my childhood – that’s what I was thinking about while I was drawing them. They make me smile. I still have to adjust the colors of the skeleton so he shows up better, but that shouldn’t be a huge ordeal thanks to Photoshop.

Here’s the process video for the Halloween stickers. Thanks, Procreate!

I did learn one lesson: when I draw stickers (or whatever else) in Procreate, I need to save all the layers. For these and the leaves, I collapsed them into one layer per sticker because I thought I was done. Except I wasn’t because the skeleton is too light. Now, unless I want to redraw the skeleton entirely (which I don’t), I have to rely on Photoshop to adjust the colors instead of just changing them directly in Procreate. It’s not that big of a deal, but it is an extra step.

So far, that’s all I have ready for the second shop. I want to make some stickers of angry cats wearing costumes because that makes me giggle. Also cats frankensteining or whatever you call it because it’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

Anyway, that’s the plan so far. Luckily, Etsy makes it reasonably easy to have more than one shop.


One more little bit of news: I got my lovely order from Cheyenne Barton! If you haven’t heard of her, check her out. I found her on YouTube, and I love her art.

That’s it for this week! See you next week! Keep an eye out for a new shop opening!

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