So much has changed!

So much has changed!

And so much hasn’t. If nothing else, I’m back, and I’m DETERMINED to keep up with this thing lol.

I thought it might be fun to post some photos of what I’ve been doing over the past few months. The mask shop is still chugging along, though I’ve let the art shop languish – okay, I’ve pretty much let it die because it involves more social media work than this introvert can handle. It’s still up, but I’m going to switch focus from art to non-mask handmade goods.

ANYWAY, here’s what’s been going on lately (I say lately, but time has no meaning anymore lol):


My mask shop was featured in TWO Etsy emails (thanks, Etsy!), and things got CRAZY for a while. That’s when I pretty much disappeared from social media. I was making several masks a day, and I still couldn’t keep up. I ended up putting two (not particularly flattering) photos on each listing because some people didn’t understand from the description that these masks do cover most of your face.

I’ve learned a lot about running a shop, and now I understand why some product descriptions seem to include almost too much information. Mine do now. :/


Halloween came and went without fanfare, and so did Thanksgiving and Christmas. We (okay, mostly Palmer) cooked Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners and delivered them to family. I got to wave to my grandmother through the window at her assisted living facility. I haven’t seen her since last February or so.

She doesn’t want to get the vaccine, but I keep telling her that she needs to. We’ll see what happens. I still haven’t been able to get mine. Nor has Palmer.

We got our first artificial Christmas tree. I had a feeling we’d go to our usual Christmas tree farm, see a bunch of people not wearing masks, and leave angry. I’m pretty sure it was a good decision. We got a tree from Lowe’s, and Palmer figured out how to make it rainbow!

The doggos were very helpful throughout the process.

Just before the new year, my Viking sewing machine (featured in the last post) started acting up, so I took it to The Sewing Shop to have it serviced (they did a fantastic job). Before I left, I bought a backup, which has become my main machine because I LOVE it.

The super fun stickers are all by Tink, an artist in England. I love her work. Check out her shop!


Probably my biggest news, or at least my biggest accomplishment, is that I learned to quilt! I don’t know why I decide to try, but I made it a goal to learn in 2021. My mom got me an excellent learn-to-quilt kit by Shabby Fabrics (it even has a step-by-step YouTube video series!), and off I went!

I finished the top and then discovered that (for me, at least) the hardest part of quilting isn’t the piecing: it’s the quilting itself. I’m nowhere near good at it yet. On the bright side, I did have lots of help.

I eventually finished it, and I’m super happy with it despite its imperfections.

I’ve been meaning to take it to Minden to give to my grandmother, but I still haven’t gotten over there. I need to.

Doggo Drama

While all this was going on, Lucy ended up with a cone of shame for about 6 weeks after she almost ripped off her upper paw pad while playing in the back yard. I think we identified what caused it (an old metal fence pole that wasn’t cut off close enough to the ground) and “fixed” it with part of a pool noodle. Poor Goose had two rounds of stitches because the would reopened after the first one. All is well now.


In other news, the weather has been interesting lately. It’s snowed twice this year. The first round was an inch or two, and we had a much appreciated snow day. The second round was a SNOWPOCALYPSE, and we still haven’t recovered. So far, we’ve reached the week mark with no running water.

It was snow followed by an ice storm. We were incredibly lucky to keep electricity the whole time, but god knows when we’ll get water because the city’s infrastructure was messed up before temperatures hit 1 above. The South is not equipped for real winters.

Aaand with the exception of a few projects I’ll post about soon, that’s what’s been going on. I’m only going into the office three mornings a week because of COVID, and I’m scared to leave the house otherwise, so it’s been pretty quiet around here.

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