Collars for Doggos and Kittehs!

Collars for Doggos and Kittehs!

Mask sales started to slow down after Christmas (they’ve picked up again now, which is excellent), so I decided it was time to add some new products! I went with dog collars because, well, I love doggos. There are also cat collars, though I haven’t listed those yet.

Of course this venture required new equipment. I needed a heavy-duty sewing machine that could push through several layers of fabric and heavy-duty nylon. I was concerned about a sewing machine being jostled around from shipping after a bad experience I had with a printer, so I got one locally from JoAnn’s. It was a Singer Heavy Duty something-or-other.

I immediately HATED it. If everything wasn’t exactly right, I’d end up with a rat’s nest of thread on the bottom. And it’s completely manual, which I found irksome. AND I hated how you have to load the bobbin, etc, etc, etc. I returned it because I didn’t want to spend hours working on a machine that I hated from the get go.

So I ordered a Brother from Amazon. It’s very similar to my favorite machine except it’s missing a few minor features like an automatic thread cutter. I’m cool with that. It also just works better.

Between the two machines, I sewed practice collars for Penny, Lucy, and a friend’s five dogs so I’d be comfortable with the quality of my final product.

Then I ordered the hardware, which took forever to get here between USPS from Oregon (I trust made-in-USA hardware more than cheap Chinese stuff) and the Snowpocalypse.

At this point, they still take me a good chunk of time to make, but I know I’ll get faster at it. I’m confident that they’re secure, though, so that’s enough. Here’s my latest (very small) batch with a completed cat collar:

For now, I have two collar listings on Etsy! I’ll be adding more soon. I’m also having a hard time finding the best angles for photos, so I’m just including lots. I used the same white background and little paper stars so they fit in with the mask listings.

I added this photo of Penny walking around in the snow to show a collar in action because all of the others involve both dogs cuddling with me on the sofa.

I’ll also be adding doggo toys to the mix. I made a couple of them with some unfortunately thin upholstery fabric I ordered online from JoAnn’s. Lucy tore through hers in a matter of minutes, but Penny’s is still kicking. I got some mudcloth, which is much thicker, from, but I still need to actually make the toys out of it.

Sooo that’s it for now. I’ve been busy! I’m alllllmost done piecing an ultra cool pinwheel quilt, so expect a post on that shortly.

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