Lindsay Attaway

Halloween is coming! And two-store logistics

Hello again from blogland! I’m a day late, but I’m here! I have a good bit going on right now, which is good because I’m best kept busy. ANYWAY. It’s officially Fall! And Halloween is coming! Yesterday I posted a new mask to...

#Slowtember and shortish-term plans

I cannot believe it’s September. This awful year is bizarre in so many ways, but at least it’s moving quickly. I’m trying to be optimistic about next year, but I’m having a hard time. ANYWAY, I was scrolling through Twitter a...

The blog! It’s back!

Yeah, so…I’m back. It’s been a while! So much of a while that I decided to make an entirely fresh start. You might remember the years-long book blog, though I think I stopped around 2015 or 2016? Since then, I haven’t blogged...

Ohwaitiforgot Shop Opening!

It's gonna happen!October 1, 2020
Let's do this!